Men's Handicap Match Play 2021

Match Play is a terrific way to not only play some friendly competitive golf, but also a great way to meet new people.


You must have a valid Golf Canada handicap to participate.  Handicaps must be maintained and accurate.  The Committee may disqualify players who manipulate their handicap.


Cost to participate: $10.

Open to Members of the Listowel Golf Club only.


Golf Genius connects directly to your Golf Canada account and strokes will be automatically calculated for you. 

Please ensure you inform one of the PGA Professionals at least 24 hours prior to your round as to what rotation and tee you will be playing for your match. 

The default tee is BLUE, however the match can be played from any tee providing both players are on the same tee and agree before the match starts.

Range Members would need to add a Golf Canada Account to their membership to qualify ($39).  Men’s Day Handicaps will not be valid.


Matches will be required to be played in three week intervals.  Un-played matches will be decided by the Chairperson.  Our Match Play Chairperson is Justin Weishar.


For more information on how match-play works, if it is new to you, visit:


Match-play is one of the true forms of golf.  Give it a shot!